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Construction of the farmhouse dates back to the early 1900s and the Simonetti noble family is to take credit for it. The family originally came from Bologna and its descendants still live in the area, not far from the B&B, in an elegant 18th century villa surrounded by a park of century-old oak and maple trees. With the restoration project, we recovered all typical elements of the rural tradition and employed materials and sustainable design solutions that would be in harmony with the place.

The original brick structure was completely recovered and insulated on the inside, so as to reduce any heat loss to a minimum. The inner layer is made of panels in mineral wood fibers, plastered. On the old wood beams, polished with natural wax, rests a ventilated roof that allows all rooms to keep cool without need for unhealthy air conditioning. All equipments and window frames were chosen to provide maximum comfort and to allow for highest energy saving. Solar panels on the roof allow us to obtain hot water without resorting to our heater for most of the year. Rain water is collected and used for watering the garden and the orchard.


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